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Protect your Car Dealership: Essential Guide to Cybersecurity

Did the recent CDK Global cyberattack that caused major losses to car dealerships nationwide affect you? This incident involving the widely used dealer management system put a halt from the desk to the upline of around 15,000 companies. How do you make a comeback from this mishap and improve your car dealership cybersecurity?

The CDK Global uproar disrupted the automotive industry, a sector that sells more than 50 million vehicles yearly. This case emphasizes the role of car dealership cybersecurity protection, particularly since small businesses are commonly the target of malicious cyber threats.

This vulnerability that US car dealers face is a result of poor car dealership cybersecurity strategies. Phishing, ransomware, and data theft are real issues that require proper attention. Otherwise, you can kiss leads and existing customers goodbye.

Would you let your company deal with this consequence without a fight?


Protecting your dealership from all angles is essential, and it starts with a robust car dealership cybersecurity plan. You can prevent hackers by applying firewalls, detection systems, and antivirus software. Perform regular audits of your systems, ensuring that you can rely on the protective measures you implement.

As for employees, especially any green pea of the group, proper training is a must. Does everyone in your team know the potential and imminent threats concerning your IT systems? Knowledge of cyberattacks and good car dealership cybersecurity habits can go a long way in securing your company.


Most of the time, attacks happen because a business isn’t prepared enough. Focusing on sales, floor, inventory, finance and insurance (F&I), the service lane, and other aspects of the business is necessary. However, you must also not forget your dealership’s IT arm, which is the best tool to navigate this digitized industry.

You must have a foolproof incident response and recovery plan. Regular data backups and recovery strategies help you minimize damage should an issue like CDK Global cyberattack happen.


The thing is that there are just too many matters to handle in a car dealership. From manning the desk and floor to monitoring inventory, sales, finances, and more, tasks can pile up quickly. It would help if you had a dedicated IT partner who can shoulder your to-dos like a pro.

An IT-managed services provider (MSP) can help mitigate the risks of cyberattacks. The truth is the DMS mishap can happen at any moment, leaving your business vulnerable. Wouldn’t you prefer prevention rather than reaction regarding car dealership cybersecurity issues?

With an MSP, you can expect proactive strategies and responses to incidents that potentially cripple your company. You can talk to our experts about the services that boost your car dealership cybersecurity.

In this industry, going all out on IT is the way to move forward from your four-square to closing. Make the best decision for your company and partner with us today! Book a call here.